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Why Baby Needs a Baby Blanket

by:Rhino     2020-07-02
A baby blankethas always been the first gift most babies receive. New Mothers used to be ecstatic to either select a new blanket or a keepsake blanket from the family to wrap their newborn in when they bring him home from the hospital. Today, many doctors are telling Moms to be careful when they put babies in cribs under blankets. They are warning them, that they could die of SIDs which is a infant syndrone that causes the baby to stop breathing. The question is does a baby still need a blanket even if the Mother does not wrap the baby in the blanket for bedtime. Most modern moms have been putting baby on his back to sleep for many years. This already cuts down the risk of a newborn mothering in the middle of the night.. Baby can be tucked into a baby sleeping sack so that they can be warm through the night. But nothing will totally replace the love a baby feels for his special blanket. There are now light weight muslin blankets that are not only eco friendly but are breathable. These new swaddling blankets are so soft and light weight that a baby can breathe through them. There is no danger of suffocating with these blankets. These swaddling blankets can be used on tops of strollers for sun prevention and many are even SUV tested for sun resistance. These swaddlers are made of muslin or linen and can even be used to be a cover up during breast feed. Still a baby needs a blanket to call his own. These giant 30 by 40 muslin blankets are not going to be dragged around the house or cut up into little pieces to touch when the child gets older and needs to feel a bit of security. A baby needs his blanket. Whether it be fleece or cotton or microfiber. The special BABY BLANKET can be personalized with the first three letters of his names and monogrammed. It can be in a color to match his nursery or stroller. The baby blanket can also be embroidered with his name and birthdate. A baby blanket will become a keepsake.. Even if your don't want to wrap a baby in this special blankee; it has a myriad of uses. 1. Drape the over the crib for decoration. 2. Wrap the baby after his bath. 3. Cuddle the baby when you read him a story. 4. Let the baby lie on his blanket for tummy time. 5 Pack the blanket in your diaper bag so that he can be changed on a warm clean surface - his blanket. 6. Cover the baby when he is in his stroller. 7. Cover your child when you put him in his car seat. 8. Remember the newborn will not also be small. When he is a toddler let him use his blanket to comfort him with he goes to sleep. A baby blanket is the warm extensive of a Mother's arms and provides tremendous comfort and security as the baby growns up.
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