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When people live in air conditioning room family, is the need to cover a blanket, it is helpful for our health, for air conditioning

by:Rhino     2020-03-15
When cleaning can, just need to soak rub repeatedly after will achieve the ideal effect, but it is important to note cannot use brush, use a brush with the effect of the washing machine have a spell, will destroy its line, reduce the service life of woolen blanket. After cleaning wool blanket can choose dry, if no dryer, drying to the pole, keep the flat form, into the shade, not recommended hangers to dry, such easy to deformation. Dip a special detergent wipe gently take concentration is very low and clean, then air-dried remember need to comb; And wool blanket cleaning can not use forced detergent, also cannot machine wash, more can't contact with high temperature, otherwise it will lead to pour wool, elastic damage has soft quality. In order to prevent wool blanket for high temperature make the oil content of wool on change and produces smell or puissant drop caused by high temperature and other issues, including sun but can not be a long time, cannot insolate, general best at 10 o 'clock in the morning sun or 3 o 'clock in the afternoon sun, bask in two hours. At ordinary times, open the window, let the wool blanket can air blow. In the process of drying woolen blanket bask in, should pay attention to is on the back of the turn, and the best set on a blanket set to bask in, so you can not let the wool fiber damage. Air conditioning blanket in wash water for 15 to 30, a little rub, wash a few times more, dry moisture to dry. Acrylic blanket air conditioning water is not easy to deformation, so also can machine wash. Silk by good close-fitting breathable, moisture absorption and sweat of the performance, and smooth, soft. When really wool fire, can completely burned without leaving residue. Wool, after burning can be hand to knead into powder were scattered. And the fake wool, after burning has the cluster phenomenon, with real wool powder is completely different. Through the water washing can also distinguish true and false of wool. Really wool after wash, can be stretched by the gravity of water, more elastic, dry after use will restore the original shape; And fake wool after washing, without flexibility, also will not be stretched, before washing and after washing the shape will not change. Made light neutral soap flakes or senior detergent soap, air conditioning blanket in clean water soak through first, and then to squeeze will be filed after water in soap gently knead by hand pressure, after wash, reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly several times. When rinsed in pure blankets in the last times, but in about one or two white vinegar, can make the air conditioning carpet bright as new after washing. Wool blanket is qiu dong season use warm blankets, whether it's on the sofa watching TV, or reading a book in his study, or play the computer games, you can use it to keep out the cold. And wool blanket is a natural blanket, will feel very comfortable, people lying on blankets during sleep can bring you a equilibrium temperature, and the effect of moisture. Wool blanket is very soft and comfortable, come into contact with the skin will feel special comfortable, can let you have a warm and comfortable sleep. How much is a woolen blanket? We must to analyze from many aspects, material qualitative, brand, production process is the main factor that affect the price of wool blanket, the wool blanket we see in life according to the material classification can be divided into domestic wool (about Xinjiang and Tibet) Is better, wool imported material, of course, is the Australian wool, the wool exports to China's exports to the eu standard completely, imported wool blanket price will be expensive than those generally wool blanket!
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