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by:Rhino     2021-03-30

Most weighted blanket covers are removable and can be washed and dried in a household machine. Alternatively, you may need to spot clean or dry clean your blanket to prevent early wear and tear. The average weighted blanket costs between $100 and $300 in any size.

It depends on the filling, however, and you shouldn’t use the highest heat to avoid melting it. Glass beads are fine and won’t melt, but it may be filled with polyester pellets which shouldn’t be dried with high heat. You may be tempted to use a fabric softener to keep the softness of the material, but it is not a good idea to use any on a weighted blanket. If you avoid using bleaches then it should stay soft for years to come.

CoolMax blankets actively wick away body heat and moisture, adding no warmth and effectively creating a cooling experience. Otherwise, you may pay shipping charges based on weight – making heavier blankets potentially more expensive than lighter ones. Some blankets carry the same price-point regardless of selected weight. Select manufacturers offer discount bundles for customers that include their weighted blanket and another similar item, such as a pillow or sheet set. You may also be able to save money by buying your blanket through a third-party retailer, rather than directly from the company. You may be a bit limited in sizing options for your weighted blanket. Many models come with the same width and length measurements regardless of which weight you select.

Some models carry different price-points depending on the selected weight. For others, the price will be the same no matter which size you select. Be sure to factor shipping costs, if applicable, into your shopping budget. The bulk of the weight comes from the glass bead fill that hugs closely to the sleeper’s body without feeling lumpy or producing much noise.

For others, you’ll be able to choose from a broader selection of sizes, such as twin, full, queen, and king. Kid-friendly child sizes may also be available, depending on the seller. These are estimated ranges based on a general consensus among weighted blanket users. To determine your ideal blanket heft, test out a few models with differing weights to see what feels most comfortable. Keep in mind that weight loss or gain can affect how comfortable your weighted blanket feels.

Silky smooth organic bamboo on both sides increase both the cooling and longevity of the weighted blanket. A child with sensory processing issues needs to have an individualized plan with a specialized therapist in order to validate receiving optimal benefits from a weighted blanket treatment. We have three different types of fabric, so you can decide the level of warmth/cool best for you. Our Flannel blankets add warmth, perfect for cool nights or cold sleepers.

Yes, they can be quite expensive, but you needn’t spend a fortune for a quality version. Our 100% organic bamboo duvet cover is the perfect supplement to our weighted blanket.

The shell of the throw uses polyester, and stitched compartments distribute the weight more evenly. Like all Rhino blankets, the Nappling is made using a layer upon layer design rather than the usual weighted bead design. This improves breathability and allows for a more even weight distribution along the blanket. This blaket is made from 100% organic cotton, which is a material known for its durability, breathability, and softness. The Rhino Weighted Blanket is available in weights of 15 or 20 pounds, making it ideal for adults between 150 and 200 pounds. The cover and liner feature double-stitched baffles for the beads to distribute their weight evenly across your body.

It’s also quite thin by weighted blanket standards so it won’t get you overheated if you are a hot sleeper. It works great as a 4 season blanket keeping you warm in the winter as well. You may have been shopping around for a weighted blanket and been put off by the high prices.

Let’s examine some reasons you may want a weighted blanket and which weight corresponds to that. It’s important to understand why you are using a weighted blanket to help you determine which one is best for you since the different weights have a different effect. At the risk of sounding like I am expounding on some miracle cure for all ills, you would be surprised how many problems can be solved by a weighted blanket even beyond insomnia. This is a one-piece style weighted blanket with weighted dots and a very comfortable minky/cotton exterior. The beauty of this weighted one piece is that it has a removable cover so can double as a duvet.

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