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Spring, warm, light with shu velveteen air conditioning blanket, feeling the warm embrace; Summer, air-conditioning refrigeration kept blowing, cool

by:Rhino     2020-03-08
Pure cotton air conditioning blanket is very suitable for summer use. Cotton is a natural fiber, its main composition is cellulose, contains a small amount of waxy substance and nitrogen content and pectic substances. Cotton fabric by various examination and practice, textiles and skin contact no stimulation, no side effects, absorb sweat breathe freely, comfortable and close skin, long wear no harm to human body, health performance is good. Wool blanket figure hand washing wool blanket executable, put special detergent in the right amount water to dilute, then the blankets all immersed in the water, soak for about half an hour, gently knead or foot, unfavorable and scrub the, unfavorable use hand to twist dry after cleaning, suggest squash with the hand out of the water, avoid wool blanket deformation. When cleaning can add a small amount of white vinegar, prevent the old wool blanket. Clean the wool blanket not in the sun insolates, should choose air-dried way to dry. This blanket, also specially after weaving good soft water, so a reach, would bring 'soft' kindness. Air conditioning carpet adopts special 3 d woven jacquard technology, both sides have two different types of touch, have a positive, jacquard fine smooth. Warmth, because of its thermal insulation and air permeability performance of wool is considered good heat preservation material, not only can keep warm and to adjust the heat and cold; Moisture resistance, wool is tubular structure, and therefore can absorb the moisture in wet air. Wool blanket price due to the wool wool blanket is precious, and after careful processing, so on the market price is more expensive, typically 200 - higher than ordinary blanket 500 yuan between. So the price of wool blanket is much higher, in the 500 - 1500 yuan, but also because the brand, the rise or fall. Wool blanket figure air conditioning blanket is named according to the purpose of the blanket blankets, the blanket is suitable for use in air conditioning air conditioning room, is the thin blanket. Air conditioning blanket can be all kinds of fiber products, chemical fiber materials also have a silk or feather material, air conditioning blanket to keep warm effect of different material and design pattern has certain difference. So, you know the use of the air conditioning blanket and how much is the price? When using air conditioning blanket should pay attention to what issues? Air conditioners are kinds of blankets, according to the use of raw materials can be divided into plush carpet, pure chemical fiber blended blankets, blankets; According to the processing methods can be divided into woven blankets ( Including cotton Mao Wei, wool by Mao Wei two) And knitting blanket ( Such as tufting carpet, raschel blanket, etc. ) ; By carpet surface villus type can be divided into suede, influential, rolling ball, wool type ( Including water ripple, brush, etc. ) 。 Wool blanket figure see softness and fastness. The main difference is that the air conditioning blanket is rare yarn product or raw yarn products, cooked yarn soft, durable, absorb sweat, strong raw yarn feel hard, weak absorbent. If feel is not obvious, with a little water, blanket drip from 30 centimeters high to air conditioning, water droplets immediately absorbed by towel is cooked yarn, slowly absorbed the raw yarn. Wool blanket figure
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