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Some mother in late pregnancy when idle nothing to do, and will start to belly child decorate after birth to sleep in the bed in the future, will give the baby

by:Rhino     2020-04-21
The color of the baby bed sheets to undertake choosing according to gender, said if the baby is a boy, choose light blue, light green and so on is better; If a baby is a girl, can choose the light pink, pink. If during pregnancy, also don't know the belly child is a boy or girl, pale yellow, cream-colored wait for neuter color will be better. Baby bed sheets should choose light color as far as possible, don't be too deep color, light color sheet is not easy to rub off, brunet sheet if rub off for a small baby delicate skin is brings impact and cause the baby's skin in sensitive have a red rash, and so on, let the baby's skin become more uncomfortable, then parents will also be a special era. When choosing baby bed sheets in addition to the color to be able to take leave more unexpected, sheet material, the size of the sheets, and so on also need to look carefully, to choose the natural, pure cotton bed sheet as far as possible, even if prices are more expensive, also does not have the so-called, in the case of you can give the baby with the best choice.
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