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Sheet is covered 4 times in life necessary sheet is tasted, sheet can not only protect by core, but also on the cleaning becomes more convenient. On the market

by:Rhino     2020-04-17
A, 1 m 5 bed 1 m 5 bed, actually on the size of 4 times also won't have a lot of requirements, basically all predominantly children bed. When choosing can match comprehensive real life needs, look from more choice now, can be in 1. 8m*2。 0 m is given priority to, the same bed sheets and pillow cases can be another choice. 2, 1 meter 8 bed 1 meter 8 single or very common choice, because of the single use, therefore relatively on the size of the 4 times don't need too much, be in commonly 2. 0m*2。 Almost 3 m or so. In actual should pay attention to when choose reasonable control, so as not to affect the actual demand, the life that occupy the home to have a good comfortable experience. Three, 1 meter 8 double double bed is also more common choice, 1 meter 8 double bed actually pick on 4 times need to appropriately a few bigger, to ensure a comfortable to use. The size of the 1 meter 8 double bed can choose in 2. 5m*2。 About 7 m, such use is more comfortable, then you can enjoy a more comfortable life that occupy the home. Four, 2 meters bed 2 meters bed is common choice, this kind of 2 meters specifications of the bed on the selected size needs to be relatively larger, in order to ensure the integral collocation and use. Look from 2 meters bed quilt cover choice now, basic in 2. 3m*2。 3 meters, or can be combined with some actual demand to expand themselves, so that they can have a more comfortable sleep experience, more comfortable enjoy the life that occupy the home. That is about how to choose the relevant contents of sheet 4 times size, hope can help to you!
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