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Sheet is always an honest partner, accompany us through countless night but partners also has retired one day, you will need to buy bed sheet

by:Rhino     2020-04-29
A comfortable breathe freely pure cotton bed sheet fabric, cotton is a kind of fabric air permeability, and economical price, which is the most widely used. But pure cotton cloth is relatively easy to shrink, time to recover after cleaning will be difficult, therefore, strict with appearance of 'yan control' should be carefully chosen. Two anti-wrinkle washable polyester, polyester belongs to a kind of synthetic fiber, has the very good wrinkle resistance and conformal, good strength, easy to wash and dry fast, but the price is low, polyester sheet fabric is coarser, feel hard, soft tactility, poor luster, and poor permeability and hygroscopicity, sometimes also can cause skin irritation. Three, coarse national classic coarse linen sheet, a long history in our grandpa that generation, almost every household has this kind of old sheet, also known affectionately known as 'national sheet'. Peony pattern or the order of the phoenix patterns by yarn woven cotton sheet, solid and durable, elegant generous, price is favorable, but the design and color of coarse linen sheets is unitary, and the tactility of thicker, less young people choose. Above is about what kind of material sheet is good, hope can help to you!
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