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Mites, is we always heard recently that divide mite, mite exactly what harm? Is spawning in our skin, also cause

by:Rhino     2020-04-01
1, baking soda, vinegar to begin with small make up also don't know how to get rid of mites, only regular cleaning draperies, but still feel uncomfortable to sleep, then a friend told me that they add a pinch of baking soda and white vinegar when wash the sheets, can kill hidden in sheets of mite, I immediately went back to try once, indeed as expected the evening sleep well. Is really regret know so late! 2, toilet water can also use the toilet water to divide mite, as long as the two drops is enough to wash the sheets. In addition, in the bath, two drops into the bath water, and drive midge effect! Everyone can try this method, but also have a friend said, I am busy, which have time to make these, so in addition to mites divide mite spray can also be used to solve.
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