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Many people who pursue the traditional style, will choose the old coarse linen sheet. But what about the old coarse sheet cleaning techniques, believe that not many people know

by:Rhino     2020-03-26
A cleaning techniques, old coarse linen sheets before the washing of the old coarse linen sheets in time before use, rinse, can according to individual be fond of will on the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color wash, so, when use will feel more soft, in the future is not easy to rub off when cleaning. Old coarse linen sheets before the washing of the cleaning technique of cleaning techniques, old coarse linen sheets 1, when washing detergent when cleaning the old coarse product, should first put the washing powder detergents (such as Do not use detergent containing bleach composition) In the water, after being completely dissolved, add the old coarse linen products. 2 when the water temperature, water temperature cleaning is very important, in 40 degrees or so commonly, not more than 40 degrees, people take hold, soaking time in about 20 minutes for good. Old coarse linen sheets of washing cleaning technique in the 3, to avoid staining when cleaning products to light color and brunet products separate washing, avoid staining ( When cleaning, may be a bit floating color, but after wash color constant, would be as beautiful as before) 。 Three cleaning techniques, old coarse linen sheets after wash after wash thoroughly dry, not excessive exposure. Folded neatly and add a certain amount of camphor ball ( Put camphor ball can say with a paper towel or small cloth parcel after put in the corner of the wardrobe, not direct contact with clothing, sheets) , should be in a well ventilated place. Don't use over a long period of time by products before reuse can be first to dry in the sun, to restore its fluffy. Old coarse linen sheets after washing small make up remind of cleaning techniques: old coarse linen sheets if tumble when cleaning, use of low temperature drying, temperature not more than 35 degrees, to prevent excessive shrinkage.
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