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Koziol - The Creative Houseware Brand - Great

by:Rhino     2020-07-15
Koziol as a brand, offer a range that once you've seen it; you will want. The whole lot. There won't be one single item (okay, there may be a few, we'll see) that you won't want. From brushes to plates, cups to wine racks and dustpans to kitchen utensils; there is a quirky and stylish Koziol product for pretty much any household situation. Koziol create products that are not only well made, durable and well priced; but that are chic, cute and undeniably cool. Based in Germany and started in 1927, the philosophy of the company is to design and make stylish, unusual products that are all very functional. The design of Koziol pieces has never taken away from the functionality; so a Koziol product will not only perform well but also give off a touch of humor. Using a Koziol product will often bring a feeling of pleasure to an otherwise menial task, whether you are stirring a pot with 'Oliver' the spoon, who, when not in use hangs on a hook shaped like a tongue; or you are clearing up mess with 'Dustin' the dust pan and brush - the brush handle is shaped like a red squirrel and the pan like a leaf - you always feel a little bit happier than if you were using a standard, boring, utensil. It is this intrinsic quirkiness that is deep inside every Koziol product that creates such a unique, and varied, line of products. Koziol products are all made from high quality, recycled where possible, plastic. The design of standard household items in strong bold colours has given Koziol a strong following across the continent and around the world. No one else makes anything quite like Koziol; affordable, durable and very stylish. Every Kitchen deserves some Koziol products, whether it is; 'Step 'n Pep' - the salt and pepper shakers; a selection of kitchen utensils; wine racks; or handy plastic storage bags - which have to be seen to be understood, these bags are not your run of the mill flimsy things, but strong moulded plastic suitable for storage or for taking to the shops. Another very clever idea taken to a new level once again by Kozio, who once again supply a twist by combining a products to create an item with multiple uses. Make sure that always check bag for new Koziol Products; as there is always something new from them, that will never know you needed until you want one..
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