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Italian Brand Guzzini - The Future, The Past & The Present

by:Rhino     2020-07-12
It may occur to you, that the name Guzzini has made itself known to you, and it should have. You may also find Guzzini products scattered all over the world, from hotels, to the finest restaurants at the edge of the earth. Known for their creativity, and strive to explore inquisitively, they have managed to make their mark in the industry. Their simplicity, and sleek designs have set them to the top of the 'cookware' food chain. 1912 Guzzini Was Born Fratelli Guzzini birthed the company in 1912, with nothing more than an open mind, and innovation. By 1938 the 'new' generation was born. Guzzini had been revolutionized, by manufacturing household items using Plexiglas. By the 1960's influenced by Raimondo Guzzini, the company was said to deliver more creative concepts. Those concepts were created by of some of the best minds in design, starting with Luigi Massoni. Back To The Future Once a basic idea, set a new industry trend. Fratelli Guzzini starting with the idea of creating plastic materials, that would hold more value than, glass, wood, and porcelain. Creativity in the designs alone is completely and utterly an art of craftsmanship. Simply, by taking a glance at their designs, you can't help but ask yourself: is this the future of home accessories? And the answer is, yes. Guzzini has revolutionized the industry by taking the simplest of materials, and creating a new era of cookware, and utensils'. Art, emotions, and family all are responsible for the sculptures that Guzzini provides. The heart of Guzzini's philosophy relies solely on the creative art, and innovation that the wonderful technicians at Guzzini's provide. They are Here To Stay. It's not difficult to understand, that such a company like Guzzini's will be around for another 98 years to come. Innovation, desire, and creativity are what set this company to the very heights of which it stands.
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