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Is there any difference between cotton and pure cotton?

by:Rhino     2020-04-13
Recently and a partner up, the reason is that she understands cotton is refers to the cotton content in more than 60% could be called pure cotton, because this definition comes from baidu encyclopedia. Believe that a lot of friends all was such education, who wrote it, don't ask, don't entry for a moment but this is wrong! Confusing source then more than 60% of the cotton content can call pure cotton is the source of which come of? Should be from the garment, because 100% cotton clothing, wear out crisp sex is not very good, especially in the cotton fabric is very easy to wrinkle, so I can't say make up a story of 100% cotton. Baby to say with 100% cotton following this passage, had just given birth to a child's mother, please note: if you've been understood as cotton is more than 60% content of cotton, may need to correct it, because the newborn baby is needed to use 100% cotton products, because of this she need close skin cotton fabrics with good sex. Is there any difference between cotton and pure cotton? Some people confuse, cotton and cotton to artificial distinction. What pure cotton is more than 75% of the cotton is pure cotton, cotton is refers to the product is made of 100% cotton fabric. I just want to ask these people, language result, okay? Pure and whole represents what mean? According to GB/T29862 - 2013 textile fiber content identifier for pure cotton and cotton explanation: only a fibrous component of the product, in the name of the fiber before or after the '100%', or in front of the name of the fiber to add 'pure' or 'all', said understand? 'Pure' and 'whole' is a meaning that no impurities! So when buying bedding, everyone remember is not only listen to merchants, to seriously look at the fabric above the component content of what is. Is not to say that cotton is the best, polyester or other chemical fiber is bad, but the wear close-fitting cap this layer of the fabric, or pure cotton as well.
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