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Intermediate Crochet Projects - How To Crochet A Blanket

by:Rhino     2020-07-08
Let me start by stating that before you start a large crochet project such as a blanket, you must need to know a few things first. One of the things you need to know are the basic crochet stitches like the single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, half-double crochet stitch and the treble crochet stitch. Keep in mind that the hook size is determined by the yarn you choose as well as how tightly or loosely you crochet (this is considered in the crochet world as gauge). Most of the time, in order to check your gauge, you need to work your chosen stitch pattern into a square to see how many stitches you get per inch with the hook you are using. One often overlooked, but vastly important, factor is the yarn weight that you are choosing. For example, if your blanket is for a baby, you will want to choose a yarn that is sport weight and soft. For warm blankets, you can choose a thicker yarn or a 4 ply yarn, while on the other hand, for an economical blanket acrylic yarns are best but for environmentally friendly blankets you might try bamboo, hemp blends, cotton blends, or a recycled yarn like sari yarn. The color of your blanket will be of your own choice. I tend to like blues and whites, but the recipient of this home crocheted blanket may not like those same colors, so I may vary my colors to suit the recipient. Again, the choice of the colors of the yarn is entirely up to you. Unless you have a purchased pattern with the stitches outlined for you, you will also have a great variety of stitches to choose from. In case you are thinking that there are not that many stitches in a home crocheted blanket, take another look - that blanket is fairly large and can hold a lot of stitches of all sorts if they are in the right combination. For example, you can start with a leaf stitch around the edges, then progress to a 3 dc shell. When you feel that you have utilized these two stitches enough, I would go to a granny square to finish it off. These stitches are all attractive and add to the finished look of your carefully crocheted project. One thing to note are the common blanket sizes: A� Preemie: 8 inches by 20 inches A� Infant blanket: 24 inches by 30 inches A� Twin: 66 inches by 90 inches A� Full: 80 inches by 90 inches A� Queen: 90 inches by 100 inches A� King: 108 inches by 100 inches. I noted those blanket sizes so that you can work your gauge correctly giving you a better sense of pride in your completed home crocheted blanket. Are you willing to make your own crocheted blanket without purchasing a pattern?
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