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In life very few of us will choose white sheet, because the white sheets to a certain extent is very difficult to clean up, like some hair, is stain

by:Rhino     2020-03-30
Sheet will be yellow except accidentally infected with besmirch, mostly influenced by the human body fat secretion. Sheet is our personal items, experience in the process of sleep substances such as continuous discharge sweat, perspiration the fat it is easy to make it yellow. In addition, the dehydration step after washing is also a factor in this phenomenon, according to the survey, the wet sheet compared with dry sheets are more likely to yellow. Cleaning method: 1. Lemon is a common fruit, the mall or fruit store can buy, it not only has the effect of hairdressing to raise colour, in terms of cleaning is a cook? When start yellowing white sheet, we can use to boil the lemon slice, then the sheets soaking in water, after a period of time again take out to clean. If think that trouble, add a few drops of lemon juice in the water can also achieve the whitening effect. 2. Skim milk soak method: soaking with skimmed milk before wash the sheets, or add a little milk in the rinse water, can prevent it from turning yellow. But the cost of this method is relatively high, personal feel to some waste, you think? 3. Flush with the water that clean out rice to soak, can remove dirt, 'whitening' sheet. Rice washing water is also one of the most common things in the family, but most of the time it will be as a part of the excess out, learn the method to kill two birds with one stone. 4. Bleaching powder. Bleach is now very popular among a clean means, in the use of a lot of families are very common, we are cleaning clothes will choose appropriate bleach, but colored clothing sheet will be afraid of a rub off phenomenon, but the white sheet completely don't need to worry about decoloring phenomenon, so use bleach is good. We can in bubble good detergent solution when washing and bleaching powder, immerse 20 or 30 minutes before washing, washing out white sheet is not so easy to yellow. The only thing need to be aware of is the smell of bleach in some heavy, to is not recommended. 5. White sheets after washing in cold water with blue ink added rinsing, a pot of cold water a few drops in blue ink, and then rinse clean sheets on the balcony airer to dry. Daily attention should be paid to don't put white sheets on the sun insolates, otherwise you will accelerate the yellow. 6. Food therapy. Certainly is not the real diet, wash the sheets with turnip soup or orange peel water can make it as white as new, isn't it amazing? Sheet is in direct contact with our body items, white sheets can give a person the feeling of a kind of relaxed ease, let a person can enter the deep sleep soon. Sheets clean can also affect our health, so we must attach great importance to it. The above several small cleaning method is not only effective for white sheets, white shirt, white fabric are also works well.
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