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I've seen a study that about a third of the time is spent in bed, so for some bedding is closely related with us, for example

by:Rhino     2020-04-16
First look at the bed: sheet size is divided into the single bed and double bed, bed sheets size general size is 90 * 190, the mattress is relatively thin, most of them are on the wall, so can only with a sheet size is 160 * 215, quilt cover the minimum is 150 * 215 single use is enough. Pillowcase in 45 * 80. Most said the double bed sheet below: double standard is more bigger, the general size is 150 * 190. Or 120 * 190 mattresses are the same, this mattress with sheet general size is 230 * 250 or 250 * 250, because it is a double bed using the quilt was pulled to pull.
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