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How many people in Rhino export department?
In Nantong Rhino Homeware Co., Ltd, the number of workers in the export sector is 20% of the total. We have developed export business for many years. All workers in the export sector are well experienced and trained. Multi-language support is also available. We will continue to grow exports.

Rhino stands out in the market and becomes the first choice when it comes to the developing and manufacturing of washable weighted blanket. micro fiber blanket produced by Rhino is very popular in the market. Rhino cotton weighted blanket has passed the following function tests. It has to be tested in terms of mechanism cycling, actuators, and electrical checking. The product can be used for years without sacrificing warmth. This product achieves great softness. The chemical softener is used to absorb on the surface of fibers, making the surface become smooth meanwhile enhancing the force between fibers. It is hugely helpful in reducing nighttime levels of cortisol.

our company has made the aim clear that becomes the most competitive enterprise in cotton duvet cover industry. Inquire now!
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