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Generally do nothing in the winter when the weather is warm frequently, both for their own health and life

by:Rhino     2020-04-30
The dangers of a week not to wash the sheets we this lifetime, almost a third of the time should be spent on the bed, the skin contact special long bed is tasted, the quality of the sheets can affect the health of our body. A lau, the sheets were a lot of sin, liu bride sheet washed after accidentally and white pants, white pants became pink trousers, and her body also had symptoms such as itching, sheet rub off really can let a person have a skin disease? A British study shows that even the sheets doesn't look dirty and also across the thousands of bacteria, viruses, if you are too lazy to change the sheets, it would be easy to catch diseases such as asthma, eczema, and rhinitis. New sheets always have a taste, this is a bit pungent taste, is the smell of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a kind of carcinogenic substance is known to all, will harm people's health. Because the formaldehyde can prevent the fabric wrinkle easily, basic can make use of the formaldehyde in the process of production of this feature. Therefore, in order to his family's health, eliminate health risks, new sheets must be clean after use. Advice should be at least once every two weeks to change the sheets, and with more than 60 ℃ hot water soak washing for 20 minutes, can achieve sterilization effect. Sheets of how bacteria are produced? 1, the body falls off the skin cells will become food for the mites, mites and their faeces would gradually accumulate on the sheet. 2, fibers, particles, dust, lint, fabric of tiny insects, pollen, soil and sand and cosmetics pieces will 'visit' sheets. 3, some people have the habit of eating on the bed, these behaviors will poses a big threat to health, causing respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, people with allergies and asthma worse. 4, if you go to sleep at night when the quilt is too thick, will flow around 1 liter of sweat, the bedding moist, more bacteria. 5, animal hair, dandruff, fungi, mold, spore, the secretion of body fluid and other bacteria also accumulates wash the sheets every week method; Clean sheets and pillowcases once a week will make accumulation in bed residue, bacteria and other places to hide, it will be safe, air breathing dirty things easy in the respiratory tract. When using a washing machine wash the sheets had better use hot water, the water temperature should be controlled in 54 ℃ - Between 66 ℃ and 15 - cleaning After 20 minutes, wash to dry or dry in time, can achieve the effect of sterilization. In order to play the best antibacterial effect, still can use bleach, it is the cheapest fungicide, but when using low concentration is best. If the hand washing method, can add right amount of hydrogen peroxide in cold water, can also have antiseptic effect.
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