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Every day there are casualties caused by fire, the fire escape skills are more and more people pay close attention to, the escape 'sheet' is popular

by:Rhino     2020-03-31
Use the sheets to escape from the fire, there are instances in reality. On July 18, 2012, Beijing fengtai far in yue jiaqi district fire. Two trapped people using sheet climbed out of the scene of the fire, firefighters saved. This tells us that in the fire, sheet is also can use tools to escape. It is said that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth this method exactly by unreliable fire sorghum take you experience a handful of escape 'sheet' next, we have to tell you, how to use the sheets to escape, attention, knowledge! Escape the first step to knot shu li taught us a more convenient and secure knot method - — — 'Double square knot' poke video quickly get? New skills to escape the second fixed knot next, you need to fix the sheet in the room. When they have a fixed knot the following method. Poke video quickly get? New skills when it comes to knot, fire sorghum stressed that family can't do that directly knot in the line pipe is too thin, not enough strength. Sheets must be in the position of the firm, such as bed legs, security window. If you tie a knot not trust, in the case of sheet length enough, knot can be in two places, it will be more safe. Like this left left if the sheet is not in the home, down the curtain, quilt cover, gather together to escape the third step along the sheet to escape the current two ready, escape you also need to pay attention: to cross sat on the windowsill, then get out. When climbing to clutch on the rope knot, climbed down step by step. Special tip sheets must be around the choices on one leg, reduce buffer, escape is slowly falling at the same time, must not act too hastily, or sheet has the potential of fracture. Don't imitate the posture of TV downhill, double pedal live outside wall, in the case of no safety rope under gravity, it would have been very debilitating. Firefighters said milo falling speed is critical, but safety is first. Don't look down when dropped. Finally, firefighters sorghum on land shows the sheets for you to escape the correct posture: firefighters milo tells us that the sheets to escape, not even try to avoid, encounter the fire first hit 119, and then according to the different situation, use a wet towel, wet quilt to save his life. At the same time, it is recommended that you'd better have a fire extinguisher in the home, lifeline, escape fire rescue facilities. Finally, to show you the firefighters sorghum hand help the auspicious, Yang because of frequent training, his hand with a thick calluses ~ special remind high-rise resident doesn't fit, for two reasons, one is not enough time to complete climbing knot process, two are professionals don't have the ability to climb down. And sheets are generally the material such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, mercerized cotton, generally speaking, material to escape is not much influence, the key is the sheets of time not too long. Pay attention to when out of the window, across the first sitting on the windowsill, then get out. Climb to clutch on the rope knot, climbed down step by step, to be very careful in place through the window, don't fall into the window. Sheet knot escape applicable people generally are middle-aged and young, the elderly and children wasn't escape this way. Such people in fire unable to save themselves, should do a good job, own protection waiting for fire rescue.
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