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Cold winter than more let a person want to stay warm bed, a warm bed bed want comfort, its sheets must be soft, close skin, but

by:Rhino     2020-04-07
Method 1 a, use baking soda and vinegar, put the sheet into the washing machine down new sheets after packing, put them in the washing machine directly. If it is a queen-size bed sheets ( 女王大小) Or larger sheet, you can separate the upper and lower two layers of sheet cleaning, make sure they have enough space in the washing machine. 2, add a cup of baking soda ( About 310 grams) Put a cup of baking soda into the washing machine, commonly used detergent instead of you. Do not use detergent, because it would lock the chemicals in the sheet. These chemicals is the leading cause of stiff sheet, so it's best to clean them. 3, with normal cleaning procedures set washing machines to use warm water to wash the sheets ordinary cleaning procedure, and then make it work. 4, when rinsing procedure, add a glass of vinegar ( About 250 ml) To rinse program, the washing machine water into cold water, then pour into a cup of white vinegar. This will further soften the sheets, but it is not a mandatory step. Baking soda itself can play a role. 5, finish the sheet hung up to dry after rinsing process, take out the sheets in the washing machine, hang it outside to dry. To do so can also further soften the sheets. If no drying sheets outside space, you can put them in the dryer, with low temperature drying, high temperature can cause the sheets shrink. 6, again to wash the sheets after dried, you can use the right amount of detergent to wash again. Although twice sounds very troublesome, but it does help soften the sheets. The sheet hung outside to dry or put into the dryer to dry, neatly pressed (after If you want to do so) , can be directly laid on the bed. 7, remember, every time wash the sheets, can make them more soft after each time cleaning, drying and ironing, good quality sheet will be softer. Want to sheet extremely soft and durable, you can buy good quality high warp/weft density cotton sheets. Method 2, use other items 1, use fabric softener in addition to add a cup of baking soda, you can be in clean new sheets, according to the Suggestions on the package of weight, poured into your favorite fabric softener. This will make the sheets become very soft. Or, you can only use the softener. 2, use turpentine oil will be a half cup of turpentine ( About 125 ml) Pour filled with water and sheets in the washing machine, and then set into a regular cleaning program, with warm water wash the sheets. Thoroughly rinse the sheets, wash out most of the turpentine oil. Hang the sheets in the outside or a rack to dry. Use turpentine oil washed the sheets can not be put into the dryer to dry, because of turpentine oil is easy to burn, may cause a fire. 3, using Epsom salt in the laundry pool filled with cold water, then add the 50 g Epsom salt. Put the sheets in the laundry pool, stir 2 minutes ( If you don't want to let the hands get cold, you can use the wooden spoon) 。 Soak the sheets in Epsom salt mixture all night. The next morning, the sheets thoroughly rinse, then hung outside to dry. 4, use borax in laundry tank filled with cold water, then add 6 tablespoons of borax. Put the sheets into the water, stirring constantly, then soak overnight. 5, the use of salt in the laundry pool filled with cold water, then pour the salt 2. In the sheet, let them soak overnight. The next day as usual, rinse and dry cleaning. How to make the soft rigid sheets? The above articles made for everybody introduction, soft sheet is also to ensure that one of the conditions of high quality sleep, you don't look down upon!
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