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Carefree get boring after a meal, turn on the TV to turn, guangdong cable public there is a household life show, introduce the purpose of the felt. A man and

by:Rhino     2020-03-04
We usually call felt felt that. For I grew up on the grassland, have a special memory and understanding on felt. But now felt also is no longer felt. Inner Mongolia back two years ago, a friend sent a picture felt, is burned with fire, and on ZhanPian images of a Mongolian milk called heng ( Mongolian girl) , the pictures on the wall, full of milk. Now there is a piece of carpet, my home is down to the countryside to jump the queue when the team give us the configuration of the educated youth. The piece of carpet with me for many years. At ordinary times is spreading in the countryside, when transitions for luggage. No matter later on to Beijing university, or work to live in baotou single, have accompanied him. As for him, when they get married in 92 and the sea came to guangzhou with me. Now passed to his son, go to school, summer lay on the bed, moist insulation and heat insulation. Winter wear cotton shoes when I was a kid is mom's. Sole is made of broken old pieces of cloth into Ge silks, Took the old cloth layers glued together, with the paste to dry) Into the shoesole with the hemp rope natrium, shoe with a flannelette, shoe lining is to use thin ZhanPian cut sewn up. To the heavy snow, they wear felt honk dalai, felt honk the dalai is felt, but not sewn with ZhanPian, but the wool with shoe trees here, use our student worker jargon, is made of die extrusion. Felt very dense, warm and waterproof, wear-resisting that when wearing it snow feel well enough. And felt the kang. Earlier years home conditions worse, MATS, the kang (better for tarps Then had not plastic) A little better, and then is felt. Dad bought a pair of DaHang felt that year, the whole family happy. As to buy a car now. Compared with felt, blankets, much a few minutes the noble and magnificent. Remember that we use the first pure blankets, is to get married when the wife of him. In addition to the blanket on the bed, and carpet, with elegant occasions, such as in hotels, the lounge carpet in the home, it is the symbol of the rich. And tapestry, more exquisite works of art. For nomads, life is inseparable from the felt. Ger is felt outside wrapping package, package is felt on the mainland, wear in felt in winter, summer is wearing a felt hat, LeLeChe gatherer, saddle pads below also are made of felt. Said along while, still failed to understand felt and blankets. In order to carefully, to search, search on the net to find such an explanation, I do not know can say understand: 'felt is made using natural wool, using the milling property of wool the adhesion and machining ( The warp/weft weaving) ”。 The blanket should be with wool 'warp/weft interweave together. I felt love. Love simplicity thick character, his personality wind cold, never make public; Be stamped on the feet, I do not know to complain. Recommended daily
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