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Care, warmth retention property and air permeability and moisture resistance of wool for arthritis and rheumatism has the very good curative effect, and a thick wool

by:Rhino     2020-03-17
Will air conditioning blanket roll up after rinse, gently pressure, discharge water, then use the brush to fluff brushed neatly into the original square shape. Drying air conditioning carpet had better use two parallel bamboo pole set up, then put the blanket on the air conditioning in shade them slowly, avoid by all means is directly in the sunlight exposure, to prevent air conditioning blanket fade deformation. After air air conditioning carpet had better use brush again, to restore our air conditioning blanket original soft feel and look beautiful. Air conditioning blanket is a common bedding, have heat preservation function, more light than ordinary quilt. Air conditioning of the specifications of the carpet to 150 x 180 x 220 cm, 200 cm and the majority of product is made of pure cotton, printing and plain, the main process is plain weave, jacquard, discontinuity, shearing, etc. In general use air conditioning blanket in air-conditioned room, noon or evening rest will air conditioning blanket in the body, can prevent air conditioning air conditioning in the process of sleeping harm to health. Care, warmth retention property and air permeability and moisture resistance of wool of arthritis and rheumatism has the very good curative effect, at the same time, the thick wool has rich elasticity, soft soft fur surface, can disperse human skin, especially bone uplift area the pressure, weight turns, massage has a certain effect, stimulate the capillaries, helps improve skin's blood circulation, for muscle fatigue, joint pain, there is a certain relief. Price - wool blanket A thin blanket. Blanket according to the season can be divided into winter and summer, then we will together to get to know a price is not expensive, summer use wool blanket, we can see from this piece of woolen blanket pictures choose fine wool blanket, fine count wool in Australia, the production of wool is best, the sheep grow good environment and climate, temperature appropriate, management, meticulous, the growth of wool fineness, wool length, whiteness is good. And is especially suitable for the elderly or asthma, no side effects, when it comes to how much is the price, because the material is less, so the price it is 499. 00 yuan. Dry extract QingChuFa are allocated by artificial or containers such as solvent, emulsifier and water and detergent mixture sprayed in the air conditioning, carpet surface by washing machine brush into the search carpet pile rotate washing after 30 minutes to lotion and absorption of dust. Dry cleaning surface cleaning, can effectively restore the air conditioning blanket surface clean. Wool blanket price due to the wool wool blanket is precious, and after careful processing, so on the market price is more expensive, typically 200 - higher than ordinary blanket 500 yuan between. So the price of wool blanket is much higher, in the 500 - 1500 yuan, but also because the brand, the rise or fall. With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to enjoy life, healthy home thing, so more and more natural ecological fur products into the domestic life, natural fur blanket is harmony into our home life, and still more important for the choice of the wool blanket, because it is more expensive, choose good design can reflect our personality taste, different design wool blanket quotation is not the same, abb has good air permeability, warmth retention property, health care, moisture resistance, compared with polyester fiber blanket material, more close skin no stimulation, compared raschel blanket, it has good sound-absorbing ability. Shu velveteen air conditioning blanket production technology of the original from the United States, which is passed to the republic of Korea, was introduced to China three years ago. In same velvet fabrics, has the characteristics of wool cloth with soft nap, warmth retention property, environmental protection the best. Feel fullness, ultra soft super smooth, delicate soft, such as baby skin, like to sleep on the cotton comfortable, hence the name shu velveteen, Comfortable cotton wool) 。 It with good air permeability, easy washing, easy to receive, etc, become a lot of people in the summer the necessary bedding.
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