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Stay focused on the business rather than company type of Nantong Rhino Homeware Co., Ltd. We are a company dedicated to the production and sales of top rated weighted blanket . We are established for profit. In order to make gain, we have made every effort to carry out R&D and achieve quantity production. A copy of business license may be offered if you really care about this.

Rhino is a professional producer of children's weighted blanket. We are known for the depth and breadth of experience and expertise. balanced sleep weighted blankets produced by Rhino is very popular in the market. Optical specifications are utilized throughout the design and manufacturing of Rhino therapeutic weighted blanket to characterize how well it meets certain performance requirements such as luminous transmittance and Anti-reflection luminous reflectance. The use of this product has been verified that it can improve users' attentiveness. The product features excellent color fastness. There are no excessive dyes being deposited on the fabric surface to affect the firmness of the fabric's colorfastness. It is useful for PTSD patients because it helps lower blood pressure and pulse rates.

our company has made strong decisions to achieve to be the most competitive enterprise in its service. Inquiry!
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