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As industrial production level and people's aesthetic meaning, cloud blanket in style, design, production, material selection, etc have been greatly promoted, to

by:Rhino     2020-03-16
Blankets and blankets which good - clouds Difference between clouds blanket with the rapid development of science and technology progress and economic to create a light, thin, soft as the principle of high-end products. Cloud carpet decorative, comfort and service life are better than traditional blankets, blanket is a kind of traditional, have heat preservation function, its raw material using animal fibers such as wool, rabbit hair, mohair, camel hair, cashmere, yak hair, or acrylic products, such as chemical fiber and viscose fiber production. Then the cloud blankets and blankets which good? Blanket in use process due to friction with hard objects easy pilling, damage and other problems. Even excellent cashmere material, after a long time use may appear pilling problems. If it is using the cloud blanket regardless of length of time won't appear above problems. Blankets and blankets which good - clouds Cloud blanket material cloud blankets and blankets which good? First of all, let's look at the clouds blanket, cloud blanket products completely subvert the blanket cannot machine wash, etc, in the process of cleaning and washing, maximum deformation, does not affect the hair side effects, etc. Cloud blanket in the production process when positive choose polyester superfine fiber, through special craft processing, make them feel is smooth, carpet surface have fleeciness feeling, at the same time for the skin without any stimulation, not allergic, can be suitable for different coloring process, the effective guarantee of cloud blanket on the surface of the color fastness and brilliance. Some clouds blanket made of natural bamboo fiber to make its soft, bright and antibacterial, deodorization, moisture absorption, air permeability, etc. Blankets and blankets which good - clouds Cloud types of carpet as people aesthetic consciousness raising, requirements for daily necessities, believe everybody for cloud blanket and blanket will not be unfamiliar, so cloud blankets and blankets which good? What are clouds blanket kind? Now on the market more common cloud blanket types include: complex waves tattoo standard is a compound short floss clouds blanket standard cloud blanket, compound printing cloud blanket three varieties nearly 50 kinds of specifications. Cloud blanket plain linter series products adopt advanced processing technology, effectively ensure the product suede and tidy and flexibility, has many characteristics, such as plump, soft feel do not break crisp, the integration of creative fashion concept, make products to greatly improve the comfort and beauty degrees. Cloud blanket series products of water ripple choose polyester superfine fiber as raw materials, in a special weaving process weave strewn at random discretion rough style, give a person a kind of color bright beautiful, noble and elegant full-bodied art, with traditional process presents a unique visual effect. Cloud blanket printing series cloud blanket is to traditional blanket production process essence and the perfect combination of modern concept, using modern warp knitting weaving process, ensure the smooth suede dropping, with modern fashion design, but also reveals its fashion sense. Blankets and blankets which good - clouds Choice of blankets and blankets in contemporary household life is widely used, cloud blanket due to its fashionable appearance, comfortable feel, low prices are favored by consumers and popular, but its thermal blanket excellent results, in the actual choice can be selected according to requirements, so cloud blankets and blankets when the choice should pay attention to what? Cloud blankets and blankets quality in addition to the fiber properties and processing ways, fiber density of wool cloth with soft nap, weight, slub methods have certain connection, plush more thick more thick, the weight of cloth with soft nap of unit area wool is heavier, blankets and exterior can maintain, more texture on the material selection undercoat and woven blankets for longer service life.
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