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As I journeyed this time, a strange calm came

by:Rhino     2020-05-26
There was no time to waste. I was already familiar with Methodist and Baptist versions of Christian doctrine from my childhood, though I'd left this path many years before. Now my belief system is steeped in the Lakota traditions, though I'm not a traditionalist by any stretch of the imagination. I began researching the death transition practices from many other cultures of the world. The common thread unifying all these variant versions of the death transition always led the soul into a new existence. However, in these other traditions, without exception, each individual was carefully prepared in advance, receiving clearly defined information about the precise actions necessary to achieve a successful transition to the afterlife. Somehow, this critical piece was missing from 'modern' Western culture's puzzle and many souls were now paying the agonizing price. For some unexplained reason, I suddenly found myself pondering the biblical concept that 'wherever two or more are gathered' there is strength and power. Aha! Perhaps believing is the important part -- maybe the 'details' of what we believe really don't matter much at all. In the final analysis, could it be that the generic power of believing (in anything!) supplies all the energy the human consciousness needs to escape the physical body and fuel the soul's journey to the 'believed in' afterlife? Wherever two or more are gathered. Propelled by the loving support of others who genuinely care about us, no matter what their personal beliefs- could this extra fuel ease and speed our death transition process? These sudden insights landed like rock-solid truth in the middle of my being- I was onto something here... I could feel it! My new understanding indicated that no particular spiritual belief system is superior to any other. It also suggested that we might very well continue to follow our own truth, whatever it is, even after we die. I was ecstatic! Oh, we are all such magnificent beings, filled with such incredible eternal power... but how easily we forget! Hungry for even deeper understanding now, I journeyed again and again. With each journey, I discussed another layer of my feelings and my intense desire to provide powerful transition support for my father. My spirit helpers were eager to actively participate in this process. They confirmed that there is, indeed, a sacred preparation for each soul, to help it on its way. I learned that proper care of the soul is essential for well being both here on the earth plane and in the afterlife. To my delight, the spirits were now willing to teach me this transition preparation! During subsequent journeys, various spirit helpers presented themselves. They were eager to provide help not only for my own family members, but for humankind in general. I've found this to be true at other times in my work as well. That the benevolent spirits of non-ordinary reality are just itching for humankind to seek their advice and ask the correct questions. They can finally offer us the techniques, the ceremonies, the rituals that will help us, as a nation of human beings, to take better energetic care of ourselves. This is precisely why they had been instructing me to make a Transition Blanket for my father. Now I was finally ready to do it!
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