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Are Organic Mattresses Necessary or Just Hype?

by:Rhino     2020-05-15
When your day is winding down and all you can think about is hitting the sack, do you consider what you are sleeping on or in? Most of us usually look only for comfort in a mattress, soft sheets, warm blankets and matching decor. Most people do not lay in bed and wonder what chemicals they will be inhaling all night. Organic mattresses are becoming more popular with the knowledge of major side effects from chemicals put in synthetic bedding. There is a federal law that makes it mandatory for manufacturers to place retardants on mattresses. Yes this law was put in place to avoid 270 deaths a year, but what about the countless issues that come with the toxins that harm millions? Some of the common toxins in these fire retardants are: antimony trioxide, vinylidene chloride, boric acid, decabromodiphenyl oxide and formaldehyde. There are countless salons that get shut down every year because they put formaldehyde in their fingernail polish. Just imagine how harmful it is to sleep on the chemical. These dangerous toxins are known to cause brain, lung, leukemia and other cancers. They are also responsible for respiratory and skin problems, bronchitis or pneumonia, brain development issues in the fetus and infants, heart problems and many more modern health issues. This is serious, but you are not told any of this by the federal government. There have been studies put in place that prove these toxins leak through our sheets and are absorbed into our bodies. Even with mattress toppers, the chemicals still seep through. Studies also show some toxicity from sheets and blankets that are not made from organic material. These toxins cannot be washed out in the laundry; they are the basis of what your bedding is made from. Organic mattresses are a bit more expensive than regular mattresses. However if you were to buy a top of the line mattress, they are very comparable and deliver a much more healthy sleeping environment. They are also comfortable and last much longer. In some cases you must get a doctors order to purchase an organic mattress but there are several that need no prescription. I know comfort comes with knowing you and your families are not breathing in harsh chemicals 20 to 30 percent of your lives? Organic mattresses must be made from 100% organic materials and without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. They can also achieve their resistance to fire with properties of organic wool. This is another fact not told to most consumers. Be aware that 'natural' mattresses are not necessarily organic mattresses. There are many companies that label with Eco labels, but still have toxins in small doses. I suggest any one looking to buy and organic mattress or organic bedding, ask questions and ask for organic certifications. Most sites or stores that sell organic bedding will be happy to give you all the information you need to make a comfortable purchase. With all the over processing we endure everyday, it is a breath of fresh air that there are companies out there making organic products that support our health instead of destroying it. It is up to you to protect your family and stay healthy for them. The research is out there and slowly becoming more available. The ability to get organic products is also increasing. I hope this sheds light and as always, from my family to yours, sleep well.
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