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An Alternative To The Framed Photo

by:Rhino     2020-07-20
The tried-and-true framed photo has been a mainstay gift for grandparents since the dinosaurs disappeared and Kodak paper set the standard in photographic quality. Okay, that part about the dinosaurs is a stretch, but the irrepressible yawn in response to receiving another framed photo of Junior isn't. Folks only have so much surface space to dedicate to snapshots of the tyke. With wall space quickly filling up you might need an alternative. Photo-calendars might seem like a good substitute, but those have a 12-month shelf life. Photo coffee mugs have their own fragile foundations. Everybody knows that a mug without a handle is headed for the trash. Junior's fresh face dappling Gramps's necktie makes co-workers uncomfortable. A photo gift alternative Don't get me wrong. Grammie and Grampa adore Junior and his many poses. They simply wish to gaze at them on something more practical. Photo blanket gifts fit the bill. Available in cuddly fleece or soft, woven cotton, a photo blanket will warm their hearts and their bodies. More than that, you and Junior can team up to design photo blanket gifts for the entire family. Because each one is personalized with Aunt Loo, Uncle Edgar or Cousin Eustace in mind, no one blanket will exactly match any other. Picking the perfect photo Use one special picture or several pictures grouped in a collage. Select pictures that have meaning for the giver and/or the person to whom you're giving the blanket. A few suggestions for photos include: • The gift-giver and the recipient together. • A favorite pet. • Scenic views from a family vacation. • Old family pictures of ancestors. • A recently deceased relative. • A shared hobby or interest. • A favorite vacation spot. • The recipient's home or garden. Either scan the picture into your computer or download it from your digital device. Crop it to trim out unnecessary background and turn it into a clean close-up. Also, make sure each image is at least 100dpi or larger. Technicians will perform the magic of turning your sentimental photo into a cozy photo blanket gift. Gift-giving with confidence From now on, there will be no more picture frames shoved in drawers to make way for the latest addition to the collection, no more coffee mugs with missing handles cast off to the garbage collectors and no more ties with shifty eyes. Nanny and Pops, and everyone else on your list, will love unwrapping, then wrapping up in, photo blanket gifts from the kids.
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