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Air conditioning blanket is summer necessary bedding, also known as the summer was Su air conditioning blanket, air conditioning blanket has good air permeability, convenient washing, capacity

by:Rhino     2020-03-07
Spring, warm, light with shu velveteen air conditioning blanket, feeling the warm embrace; Summer, air conditioning refrigeration kept blowing, cool and comfortable, but easy to catch a cold, cover with shu velveteen air conditioning blanket, comfortable, breathable, no longer hot, but I do not feel the cold. Feel fullness, ultra soft super smooth, delicate soft, such as baby skin comfortable cotton wool carpet, air conditioning make you I enjoy the warm seasons. Wool blanket can't contact with high temperature, Such as water, electric blanket, etc. ), direct sun And forced the detergent, if caused by packaging or long-term folding products surface wool lodging, please start shaking, products will restore the original elasticity, it won't damage its soft quality. Care, warmth retention property and air permeability and moisture resistance of wool of arthritis and rheumatism has the very good curative effect, at the same time, the thick wool has rich elasticity, soft soft fur surface, can disperse human skin, especially bone uplift area the pressure, weight turns, massage has a certain effect, stimulate the capillaries, helps improve skin's blood circulation, for muscle fatigue, joint pain, there is a certain relief. We in choosing a brand air conditioning blanket is mainly to see the quality of the blanket, and judge the quality of the blanket besides fibrous character and treatment processing, of density of fibrous of wool cloth with soft nap, weight, slub method have a good relationship. Wool cloth with soft nap is more dense more thick, the weight of unit area wool is heavier, the texture of the blanket and exterior can maintain well more, and basically, undercoat and woven blankets closely is relatively durable. If the home washing machine can't let the wool blanket, hand wash. But hand wash wool blanket, must remember, don't use hand rub wool blanket. This is a big damage for woolen blanket. The right way to hand washing wool blanket is, first put some detergent in the right amount of water, in addition to the detergent, shampoo can also. Dilute good again after put in woolen blanket, soak for half an hour to an hour. Choose air conditioning blanket when you check the density of the blanket and flexibility, basically have two kinds of methods: first of all, can use the thumb on the blanket, after pressing rapid restorable, said density knit cloth with soft nap and flexibility are better; Or carpet flex, fill up by invisibility more, state wool cloth with soft nap is knitted more closely, more durable. Shu velveteen air conditioning blanket of raw material is super fine fiber yarn. Shu velveteen air conditioning blanket has not fade, not shrink, bright colour and lustre, high density, the characteristics of soft comfortable cotton wool air conditioning blanket need to use wash water temperature, soaking time shoulds not be too long, not drift, nitrogen medium temperature ironing.
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