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After pregnancy, most women will feel more hot, so if continue to cover some thick quilt, some may feel that overheating. This time,

by:Rhino     2020-03-12
A, pregnant women to cover a blanket, please, of course, no problem. If the blanket is clean, do not have too many parasites. Their own bedding at ordinary times should pay attention to air often bask in the air. Can avoid the breeding of the parasite. Can cover blankets, blankets and without risk. But if don't use the electric blanket. Second, pregnant women can use the electric blanket electric blanket is essential artifact of many people in the winter heating, but it is not no harm to health. In all electric equipment, electric blanket and human exposure to the longest, in addition to the heat in the heating process, there will be strong electromagnetic radiation, long time exposure has certain harm to human body. Electromagnetic waves can cause nerve, reproduction, immune system disease, may also cause headaches, dizziness, women's menstrual disorders, dull skin and breathing disorders and other symptoms. In addition, the electrical appliances for expectant mothers harm is great, especially if using all night, it is easy to cause miscarriage. And, because the blanket is close to human skin, the skin under continuous high temperature influence the protein denaturation, which affect the normal development of the fetus, severe fetal malformation. So, for the sake of the safety of the fetus and reduce the risk of miscarriage, doctor general advice, early pregnancy should not use electric blanket. Pregnant women cover blanket is no problem, as long as pay attention to the blanket need frequent washing, avoid because the blanket is not clean and cause have parasites in the above. Main cannot use of pregnant women is the electric blanket, try not to use, also have radiation because the electric blanket, if can use for a long time may also have an effect on the fetus.
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