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A Meaningful Gift: Photo Memory Blankets

by:Rhino     2020-05-28
If you're looking for a meaningful, heartfelt gift for a birthday, a wedding, for the upcoming holidays, consider giving someone you love a photo memory blanket. Photo blankets feature one or more photos on the front, and can be given as a gift for any occasion. A personalized photo blanket can include a collage of various photos, bringing back old memories of times past and sparking new conversations with those we care about the most. Since many of us have smart phones and digital cameras, we take more photographs than ever before. A photo memory blanket provides a way to bring old (and new) photographs out to be admired and enjoyed rather than hidden in your drawers, albums, or on your computer. Now, you can take photos for friends and family and give them something a bit more lasting than a digital file or a printed image. A photo blanket can be simple and elegant, featuring one vivid photo in full color or black and white. Your blanket could also be double-sided and showcase a photo on each side. For instance, you could give someone a memory blanket as a birthday gift that shows a current portrait on the front, and a baby photo on the back. If you want to have even more fun, you can give them a photo collage blanket with many photos arranged in a particular pattern and order. A photo collage can tell the story of a particular time, event, or place, convey a certain mood, or can be centered around a theme. The possibilities inherent in creating a personalized photo blanket using a group of photos are endless. As an anniversary gift for your significant other, you can tell the story of your relationship by creating a blanket with photos that span your time together - a photo from your first Christmas together, your wedding, your first house. As a birthday present, you can give someone a photo blanket featuring photos of them throughout the years; as a high school graduation gift, you can create a photo memory blanket showing pictures of family and friends, as well as the graduate's home to give them something to reflect on as they embark on their next journey. A personalized blanket is a unique gift, in that it is emotionally meaningful as well as physically comforting: it allows the recipient to literally wrap themselves in the warmth and comfort of a memory. If you know someone who is in the hospital, has lost a loved one, or is otherwise not feeling well, give them a photo memory blanket as a welcome respite from their difficulties and a way to show them you're thinking of them. Unlike other less personal gifts out there, a photo memory blanket is created with your loved one in mind. They will enjoy looking back on special time in their life and sharing their memories with other friends and family. A photo memory blanket is a gift that will be valued and treasured for years to come.
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