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A Baby Sleep Sack - The Ideal Baby Shower Gift

by:Rhino     2020-05-13
Having a baby is one of the most wonderful feelings in this world. Parents have immense emotional attachments with their babies, and always try to provide the best care to them. One of the important needs for a baby is adequate sleep, which can be achieved with a baby wearable blanket. These blankets are made of a comfortable, cotton material, and can be used throughout the year for tiding over different weather conditions. Not only do these blankets keep the babies warm in winter, but they also allow them to breathe freely. These wearable blankets are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. As compared to these special blankets, regular blankets are often kicked off by babies during sleep. When the toddlers feel uncomfortable they are bound to wake their parents up, in turn. Parents would surely be able to sleep better, knowing that their baby is comfortable and secure inside this special protective blanket. In the initial years, infants and toddlers feel the need to sleep for almost 16 hours a day. This is usually true for babies up to the age of 1 year. Toddlers are bound to feel restless and kick around during sleep, and baby slumber sacks provide enough room to do this. Even if the baby happens to kick its feet into the bars of the crib, the sack will ensure that there is no injury. For these infants to sleep peacefully throughout the night, it is important that these baby slumber sacks are made of a comfortable material. This is the reason why the slumber sacks are made of cotton, just like cotton clothing. Apart from the material, the sacks are in the shape of cocoons, to make sure the babies fit in with ease. The Baby sleep sack can easily be worn over regular sleep wear. Zips are provided over these sacks, for cozily enclosing the babies. Even if babies want to be taken on outdoor trips, they can easily manage to sleep inside these slumber sacks. Well designed sleep sacks can also be given as baby shower gifts. These sleep sacks are available in a variety of different colors, to suit different tastes. What could be a better baby shower gift for parents than peaceful sleep? Sleep sacks are also known as sleep nests, and are available in two versions- standard and lite. The standard version is more heavier and warmer than the lite version. As compared to the standard version, the lite version is made of a very light cotton jersey. There are also some safety reasons which should keep parents free from worry, while choosing a baby sleep sack. The material is completely non toxic in nature and not treated by any harmful chemicals. It can also be easily washed and tumble dried in washing machines, but should not be ironed.
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