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by:Rhino     2020-03-10
So far, I cherish the most one is the growth of small blanket with me. Is really ridiculous, absurd, but this is true. Listen to mama said, this is I just bought at birth in the body. Since that day, the small blanket is following me around. When having a meal, I took it; While playing, I accompany it; When sleeping, I embrace it it almost became a part of me, seems not to have it, I do nothing. Even in the kindergarten, I don't forget to take it, every moment of the day have to touch it, or I was uncomfortable. In class, the teacher won't let bring blankets into the classroom, I will cry ah, ah, all the lessons, the teacher ao however, I can only let me drop the rugs in the drawer, touch while in class. I immediately smile through tears, delightful sounds, and then hold a small blanket fart dian fart out of the seat to sit, the teachers couldn't help laughing. Come to think of it, I'm really very cherish this piece of small blanket! To elementary school, because has grown up, so I can't let again temper will blanket to school, but I'm still very dependent on it, so that the shoes are still held it in the morning, until no longer drag to reluctant to pass rugs to mother; Got home, did not even had time to put down the bag, he rushed into the room in a thin blanket around, this is really a strange can't strange eccentricities. I really cherish my rugs. Rugs to now already very old, mother also had many times told me to buy a new to replace, but I use not to spoil, I still cherish my rugs. Of course, rugs sometimes put to great use. That winter we drive home New Year's day, on the road, suddenly it began to rain, rain is not big, but with the intermittent bone-chilling winds into the car from a car door. For those of us who have grew up, of course, is not afraid of this just a little wind. But my niece is small, the enemy but the cold wind, after a while, that's just about a dozen sneeze on fields, just I put my carry-on baggage rugs, I rushed out, covered the niece. Niece, feel comfortable, you stop sneezing, a face of meet fell asleep. My small blanket is soft, warm, make I cherish the person's character like my little as gentle, a warm blanket. When I was sad, is a small blanket with me; When I was happy, is a small blanket with me; When I encountered setbacks, is a small blanket encouraged me; When I was a success, is a small blanket to remind me. Small blanket, let I learned to cherish, cherish the time, cherish life, cherish everything I have, you say, rugs don't worth I cherish?
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